Tarantino’s Nazi-stomping masterpiece gets a 4K upgrade

A flawed fantasy with an iconic performance from Tim Curry

The team highlights the standouts from this year’s festival

The rhymes and reasons of how, after becoming the biggest band in the world, The KLF swiftly vanished

An intricate one-take wonder, brimming with smarts and charm

An impressively composed earthy folk horror with Italian roots from first time director Charlotte Colbert

Julia Ducournau shakes the senses with her sophomore effort

A love letter to London, the ‘60s, and genre cinema

A noir-thriller given heart by the impeccable pairing of Bob Hoskins and Cathy Tyson


Sept 23–30, Austin, TX……Sept 30 — Oct 3, at Home!

Jon Partridge

Brit in Texas. Cinapse staff writer. VP of @ATXFilmCritics and member of @OFCS

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